Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loading the kiln

These are some of the last preparations before loading pots into the kiln:
Right pic is 2" of kaowool over the arch and on the door frame.
I had planned on tying porcelain buttons onto the door with nichrome wire, but found that by cutting the kaowool 1/2" wider than needed, it just eases into the frame and stays there with pressure.

If you look carefully at the left pic, you can see the dampers in horizontal position.
There is one on each side of the chimney, and they are stark white.
I had a mullite electric kiln shelf cut into pieces that would fit the damper openings.

Next post will show loading the kiln.
The firing is so close, I can taste it.
I saved cleaning 2/3 of the kiln shelves for this morning. Had figured the exercise would keep me warm in the cool morning. Just looked outside, and it is 28 degrees out there! I'm hoping it warms up at least 10 degrees while I eat breakfast.

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