Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finishing touches

I'm ba-ack! Went to Mexico for a couple of weeks of warmth (even the rain is warm there).

These photos show what was completed before I left:
First photo on the left is the chimney with its rain/bird cap. The same person who set the chimney bricks above the roof set the cinder blocks in front of the kiln door. He sure does good work, and fast. On the right is a photo of the B-4 propane burners with baso valves (safetiesa: in case the gas blows out when pre-heating overnight, the baso valve will shut the gas off entirely). The person at the propane company was quite impressed with the burner set-up that I showed when I went to purchase the rubber gas lines. This is Howard's work - but I now understand what is entailed to put it all together.

Before leaving, I wanted to finish making pots for the first firing. Sure enough, I was attaching handles & feet to mini-pots hours before leaving for the plane. Got them all done, too.